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: the ATS guide to religious and theological publishing

Publishing holds a key place in a successful academic career, alongside teaching, service, and student formation. Yet not all publishing is alike: scientific publishing does not work like big trade publishing, textbook publishers are not the same as society publishers. Further, scholarly religious and theological publishing bears its own unique features that reflect the complex nature of the field. Building a Scholarly Career: ATS Guide to Religious and Theological Publishing will help scholars working in religious and theological studies to build a career publishing strategy, weigh the value of the various types of publications, identify those presses that will matter most for their career, understand what publishers are looking for and how to pitch a project. The Guide also presents a first-of-its kind taxonomy of publishers in this space. Designed to guide scholars in strategically assessing their publishing options and implications, it can not only save time and energy but also make the difference between securing tenure or promotion or not.

Call No070.5 K8484
AuthorKostova, Julia K.
TitleBuilding a scholarly career : the ATS guide to religious and theological publishing
PublicationPittsburgh, PA : The Association of Theological Schools, 2019
Physical Description88 p. ; 21 cm

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