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Discover the transformative journey of faith and understanding in Jesus’ Resurrection: A Starting Point of Biblical Theology. This compelling book invites readers to explore the profound implications of Jesus’ resurrection as the foundation of biblical theology. Through an eclectic interpretation, the author offers a fresh and insightful perspective on the Scriptures, making this work accessible to non-specialized but inquisitive students of the Bible.

At the heart of this book is the life-changing event of Jesus’ resurrection, which serves as a guiding light for our exploration of divine mysteries and shapes our comprehension of God’s most significant revelation. The author thoughtfully examines the disciples’ awakening to the truth after Jesus’ resurrection, shedding light on their intellectual and spiritual journeys and the inspiration stirred within them by the Holy Spirit.

In this deeply personal narrative, the author shares Jesus’ disciples’quest to understand the stories of the Lord in the Scriptures. With humility and honesty, they reflect on their experiences as a flawed yet devoted servant of God, finding solace and strength in the risen Lord.

Jesus’ Resurrection: A Starting Point of Biblical Theology is an inspiring and heartfelt exploration of the resurrection’s impact on faith and biblical understanding. It is a must-read for those seeking a deeper connection with the teachings of Jesus and the divine mysteries of the Scriptures.

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AuthorChang, Peter M.
TitleJESUS’ RESURRECTION: A Starting Point of Biblical Theology
PublicationAnnadale, VA : Washington University of Virginia Press, 2024
Physical Description301 p. ; 23 cm

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