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My approach in this book is to “describe” human conditions of biblical characters so that you may be identified with them descriptively. I did not provide any “prescription” in this book. That is not my purpose to write this book. I do not believe that psychology has an authority to reinterpret the Bible. But diverse viewpoints of psychology to human behaviors can help us enrich our understanding on what the Bible does not explicitly say and apply them to our lives today. I think that pastors, seminarians, and Christians and even non-Christians who read this book with an accepting attitude while recognizing its limitations will experience a new horizon of understanding the Bible. If this book enables you to understand biblical characters clearly and deeply and to discover the meaning of you own life in the light of biblical characters, that alone will fulfill my intended purpose.

Call No158 L478p
AuthorLee, Kwanjik
TitlePsychological understanding of biblical characters
PublicationMiddle, DE : [s.n.], 2023
Physical Description362 p. ; 23 cm

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